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Wenger Electric provides comprehensive electrical services for commercial buildings, such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, retail stores, convenience stores, grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, and offices. This includes both single and three phase service upgrades.


LED High Bay Lighting

Large industrial or commercial buildings with ceilings higher than 20 feet could benefit from efficient, high bay LED lighting. Not only will this lighting lower your business’ energy costs, it will also provide a safe, fully lit space for both employees and customers. Wenger Electric can install new high bay lighting fixtures or retrofit high-efficiency LED lights in your existing electrical setup.

Parking Lot Lighting

Our bucket truck can safely reach up to 40 feet to repair, replace, and maintain your business’ parking lot lighting, including:

  • Parking lot light pole lamps
  • Light pole foundations and ballasts
  • Bollards
  • Lighted signage
  • Building-mounted lights
  • Floodlighting


Whether you need a surveillance system installed in an existing building or a new construction, Wenger Electric will determine which one best addresses your business’ security concerns. This includes:

  • Mounting video cameras
  • Installing closed circuit security TVs
  • Testing new systems
  • Inspecting existing systems

Our technicians will work with you to demonstrate how your surveillance system operates and how to use it to protect your business.


Wenger Electric’s highly-trained, licensed electricians can perform safety testing, hookup, and precise wiring of any electrical equipment or machinery that your business may need. Our services range widely from electrical safety testing of restaurant food service equipment to HVAC power wiring for office complexes. Whether you’re installing new machinery or relocating existing equipment to a new facility, Wenger Electric will ensure that each unit is compliant with national safety standards, properly wired, and operating according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

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