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Wenger Electric would like to share some useful electrical tips and resources for both Residential and Commercial users. See below for some great ideas and suggestions!

  • How To Select The Right Industrial Fan
    How do you know what’s the right large warehouse fan for your environment, team, and space?
  • Standby vs. Portable Generators–Which is Better for You?
    Read on to become your own personal expert on home generators.
  • What Size Generator Do I Need?
    One of the best ways to be sure that you and your family are safe is to install a backup or standby generator. At Wenger Electric we encourage our customers to take this vital step, and we stand behind Kohler generators. Portable vs. standby is a discussion for another day, but here we’ll get into what you need to know as you begin shopping for a backup power source for your home.
  • Big Ass Fans Launches New Product Line of Cool-Space® Portable Evaporative Coolers
    With the country seeing wildly fluctuating, record-setting temperatures, keeping cool takes on an even greater importance. In both public and residential settings alike, the ability to lower temperatures during a heat wave can directly affect health and wellness. And creating a work environment that ensures employees’ safety and comfort is the best way to handle business, while also benefiting the bottom line. Read on to learn how a Cool-Space® unit could help your efforts to stay cool this summer.
  • How Long Do Home Generators Last? | Wenger Electric
    As our modern electricity demands outpace aging infrastructure and as severe weather events come on fast and furious, power outages seem to be more common. For these and other reasons, you could opt to purchase a standby home generator. But you may wonder: How long can I rely on my home generator during an outage? What is the lifespan of a home generator? 
  • Benefits of Installing a Home Generator
    What are the benefits of installing a home generator? Read about the benefits of a liquid propane or natural gas powered home generator.
  • One house is lit up among many houses that are dark.
    There are over 3,000 electric distribution systems in the US, but in 2018 each electricity customer witnessed power outages totaling roughly 5.8 hours per customer. Many factors play a role in interruptions, such as vegetation patterns, weather, and utility practices. Many people think they can manage with an emergency portable generator. However, even that may not end the frustration when you have...
  • Keep Your Generator Running Smoothly With Preventative Maintenance
    Read tips on how to maintain your generator. Our plan of preventative maintenance will keep your generator running smoothly & save you from a broken generator.
  • Big Ass Fans Air Disinfection Fan in Warehouse
    Clean Air System that Kills Airborne Pathogens
    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Big Ass Fans engineers have designed and launched new air-moving technology with UV-C and ozone-free needlepoint bipolar ionization that disinfects the air to create safer, healthier conditions in your business facility over wise coverage areas. These air disinfection overhead and directional fans have been tested...

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