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Wenger Electric would like to share some useful electrical tips and resources for both Residential and Commercial users. See below for some great ideas and suggestions!

  • Should I Install a Generator Myself?
    We’ve seen a huge surge in DIY-ing, from home improvement to doing your own cosmetic procedures, with varying levels of success. What about electrical services, like installing a generator? Should you DIY your generator installation?
  • Why Buy A Portable Generator?
    We all think of emergency preparedness when we think of generators, but there are a lot of other situations in which a portable generator specifically would come in handy. In this article, we'll talk about how a portable generator works and how it can benefit you.
  • How Much Does a House Generator Cost to Install?
    When bad storms wipe out a stretch of power line and you’re suddenly thrust into darkness, that’s when you start to miss electricity. It’s also when many of us might start wishing we had a whole house generator. But is the cost prohibitively expensive? Read on to learn more.
  • How To Select The Right Industrial Fan
    Choosing an industrial fan for your warehouse, gym, etc. might seem like a simple decision, but not all fans are created equal. Wenger Electric just happens to be Factory Certified Installers of Big Ass Fans, the world’s leading manufacturers of HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) industrial fans. Read about the benefits.
  • Standby vs. Portable Generators–Which is Better for You?
    You might be surprised to know that there are actually multiple kinds of generators. The one that’s right for you will depend on your needs, so it’s important to become your own personal generator expert. Learn more about the main differences between standby and personal generators.
  • A couple is looking online to figure out what size generator they need.
    There’s no denying that Ohio weather has been wacky and unpredictable over the past few years. We’re all just one bad storm away from being stranded without electricity. A big part of choosing a generator is selecting the right size.
  • Big Ass Fans Launches New Product Line of Cool-Space® Portable Evaporative Coolers
    Big Ass Fans has done it again! With the country seeing wildly fluctuating, record-setting temperatures, keeping cool takes on an even greater importance. Big Ass Fans’ line of Cool-Space® models comes with a range of convenient controls and features that set these machines apart. Read more about them here!
  • How Long Do Home Generators Last? | Wenger Electric
    It’s natural to wonder about the longevity of a big purchase. We have some great guidelines on what you can expect from your generator, both during an outage and its overall lifespan, as well as some tips to help you extend its working life.
  • Benefits of Installing a Home Generator
    Knowing you have a Plan B when unexpected power failures take you by surprise is the kind of peace of mind that every homeowner should have. But who specifically benefits most by installing a home generator? And what are the benefits of going with a Kohler® Home Generator? Find out here.
  • One house is lit up among many houses that are dark.
    Many people think they can manage with an emergency portable generator. However, even that may not end the frustration when you have to drive to the gas station, take your generator outside, and fiddle with extension cords to turn it on. Check out our guide for choosing the best generator for your needs.
  • Keep Your Generator Running Smoothly With Preventative Maintenance
    Many people imagine installing a backup generator means leaving it alone until it is needed. This cannot be further from the truth as a generator needs various maintenance procedures to keep it performing optimally. So let’s talk about the importance of a solid maintenance schedule to keep your generator running smoothly.
  • Big Ass Fans Air Disinfection Fan in Warehouse
    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Big Ass Fans engineers have designed and launched new air-moving technology with UV-C and ozone-free needlepoint bipolar ionization that disinfects the air to create safer, healthier conditions in your business facility over wise coverage areas. Interested in the specs? Learn more about what all is involved in this new line of products.

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