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Wenger Electric would like to share some useful electrical tips and resources for both Residential and Commercial users. See below for some great ideas and suggestions!

  • Knowing you have a Plan B when unexpected power failures take you by surprise is the kind of peace of mind that every homeowner should have. Fueled by clean-burning natural gas or liquid propane, Kohler® residential backup generators allow you to continue life as usual for days, even during a blackout.

    Who Should Install a Kohler® Home Generator?
    A Kohler® backup generator serves...
  • One house is lit up among many houses that are dark.
    There are over 3,000 electric distribution systems in the US, but in 2018 each electricity customer witnessed power outages totaling roughly 5.8 hours per customer. Many factors play a role in interruptions, such as vegetation patterns, weather, and utility practices. Many people think they can manage with an emergency portable generator. However, even that may not end the frustration when you have...
  • Oftentimes a Kohler generator is your lifeline between bad weather, environmental factors, and unplanned power outages in your area. Many people imagine installing a backup generator means leaving it alone until it is needed. This cannot be further from the truth as a generator like any other internal combustion engine needs various maintenance procedures to keep it performing optimally. Preventative...
  • Clean Air System that Kills Airborne Pathogens
    In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Big Ass Fans engineers have designed and launched new air-moving technology with UV-C and ozone-free needlepoint bipolar ionization that disinfects the air to create safer, healthier conditions in your business facility over wise coverage areas. These air disinfection overhead and directional fans have been tested...

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