Should I Install a Generator Myself?

Should I Install a Generator Myself?

There are lots of reasons why one might want a generator for their home or business. Unpredictable weather patterns, the aging power grid, or preparing for a natural disaster, to name a few. 

We’ve seen a huge surge in DIY-ing, from home improvement to doing your own cosmetic procedures, with varying levels of success. What about electrical services, like installing a generator? Should you DIY your generator installation? 

At Wenger Electric, we are generator experts. We stand behind Kohler and Cummins generators, which we are also authorized installers for. In this article, we’ll discuss the dangers that exist in generator installation and why you should always use a trusted electrician for complex electrical work like this. 


As with all electric equipment, there are risks if not installed or used properly. An improperly installed generator can lead to fires, hazardous gas, electric shock, and back feeding. 

A back feed can occur when the generator’s wiring is not connected to the transfer switch or service equipment correctly. This can result in a strong electric current being sent back, potentially causing serious injury to people nearby and damage to property. 

Generators can also release gasses that are hazardous unless properly vented. DIY installations can easily overlook or underestimate the amount of space needed for adequate ventilation.

Improper wiring and connections can lead to fires and electric shock. Wiring is a delicate, complicated process, and can be incredibly confusing unless handled by a professional electrician. 

It would be all too easy to seriously injure yourself or loved ones when trying to DIY a generator installation, or potentially destroy the very property you are trying to protect. That’s why, no matter how big or small the generator, we always recommend a professional electrician handle the install. 


Aside from the physical danger of installing a generator yourself, there are also compelling financial reasons to use professional, authorized installers over DIY-ing it. 

Depending on the brand of generator you use, striking out on your own and installing it yourself can void your warranty. So that means any problems you encounter down that line that would normally be covered by the warranty would need to be repaired and paid for out of pocket. 

At Wenger Electric, we have the experience and know how to install generators- it’s just what we do! You can trust our technicians to properly install and maintain your generator so that you get use out of it for years to come. 

If you’re ready to take the plunge and install a generator for your home or business, Wenger Electric is the electrician for you! We have years of experience installing and maintaining generators in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Our technicians will be able to serve your needs safely, quickly, and efficiently. Then you’ll be prepared for whatever life throws your way- electrically speaking, that is. 

Got any questions? We have answers! Contact us today and we’ll help you with all your electrical questions & needs. 

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