Why Buy A Portable Generator?

Why Buy A Portable Generator?

We all think of emergency preparedness when we think of generators, but there are a lot of other situations in which a portable generator specifically would come in handy. In this article, we'll talk about how a portable generator works and how it can benefit you. 

If you're torn between getting a standby generator or a portable generator, check out our article here, discussing the pros and cons of each. 

How does a portable generator work?

A Portable generator works by running a gas-powered engine to generate electricity. Then you simply plug in your extension cords, tools, appliances, and devices. Usually, the more powerful the generator you purchase, the more outlets it will have. 

Day-to-day Uses for a Portable Generator


Use a portable generator to add a little convenience to your camping trip. 

Or maybe you're a straight Glamper. Your generator will power your RV, fan, cooktop, and mobile devices. 

Urban Homesteading

Do you dream of having your own backyard chickens? A generator will power your chicken coop's seasonal heater or fan much more easily than stretching an extension cord all over your yard. Or power that fancy self-opening chicken door you've been eyeing. 

Memory-Making Events Big and Small

Are you on the PTA? Perhaps you're a Maid of Honor or host the annual Family Reunion. A portable generator will quickly let you take these events up a notch: power bouncy houses, music, and cotton candy machines for the school fair. Use your generator to power the Dj's station, a photo booth, string lights, and more at that engagement party or family reunion. 

Sporting Events

Tailgating your fave team with the gang? Here your generator can make you your friend's hero. Use your portable generator to power a mini fridge, electric skillet, projector, portable lights, or heaters, and you'll be tailgating in comfort and style. 

Home Decorations

If you go all out with the lights and props in your front yard each season, then a portable generator is for you. Use it to power all your decorations without the fire hazard of overwhelming one outlet and extension cord. 

So there you have it! Five ways a portable generator works for your everyday life. Have more questions? Reach out to us! At Wenger Electric, we're here to help you with all your electrical questions and needs.

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