Big Ass Fans Launches New Product Line of Cool-Space® Portable Evaporative Coolers

Big Ass Fans Launches New Product Line of Cool-Space® Portable Evaporative Coolers

You know Big Ass Fans as a top provider of air circulation and air disinfection solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. Well they’re at it again! Big Ass Fans launched a brand new line of four portable evaporative coolers under the name Cool-Space® and the entire line was named the best new “Heat Stress Protection” product of 2021 by Occupational Health & Safety.

With the country seeing wildly fluctuating, record-setting temperatures, keeping cool takes on an even greater importance. In both public and residential settings alike, the ability to lower temperatures during a heat wave can directly affect health and wellness. And creating a work environment that ensures employees’ safety and comfort is the best way to handle business, while also benefiting the bottom line. Read on to learn how a Cool-Space® unit could help your efforts to stay cool this summer.

Cool-Space® Key Features

Big Ass Fans’ line of Cool-Space® models comes with a range of convenient controls and features that set these machines apart. They are also easily incorporated into your existing cooling system when used in combination with existing overhead fans, yielding the best, most efficient relief from excessive heat. In fact these units can reduce the temperature in your space by up to 33 °F, even in extreme conditions. Cool-Space® units operate at low decibel levels and are ideal for both work and play.

  • Thicker, more effective, and longer-lasting cooling media than other similar products
  • Cooling media resists algal growth and mold, but meets chemical emissions standards
  • Large internal reservoirs and standard garden hose hookup ensure easy portable cooling for hours
  • Locking swivel casters, a protective fan cage, enclosed motor, and cord wrap enable safe and easy portability
  • Easy-to-access drain plug and flush valve allow for simple draining during cleaning and maintenance, keeping surfaces dry
  • ​Accessible reservoir cap enables easy water treatment
  • Low-profile design and UV-resistant roto-molded polyethylene housing ensure durability
  • Every model includes a 10 ft power cord with standard plug and convenient cord storage
  • Float valve regulates water level, includes low-water shutoff feature
  • Can be used in temperatures from 0 to 104 °F
  • Up to 5-year warranty on main fan unit
  • Heavy-duty wheels and durable design for use in tough environments
  • Auto-Dry feature aids in maintenance, keeping the cooler in ideal condition and extending cooling media life
  • Adjustable, variable cooling speed

Big Ass Fans’ evaporative coolers allow air to pass through wet cooling media and absorb moisture in a vaporized state. The moistened air then absorbs ambient heat, reducing air temperature. The process will add a slight amount of humidity to the air, but adequate ventilation ensures that humidity doesn’t build up. If air is already humid the cooler will still be able to offer a drop in temperature that combines with the fan’s impact to create a chill factor of about 15 or 20 degrees. Because water is in a vapor state, you’ll never need to worry about a Cool-Space® unit creating puddles or wet spots. Under the recommended maintenance and cleaning regimen cooling media can last for up to 5 years.

Beyond all these great features, the Cool-Space® range is also an affordable option for small businesses and homeowners. Each unit is factory-tested and ready for immediate use in your space––just attach the wheels and connect a water source.


Cool-Space® 500 evaporative cooler is designed to supply immediate relief from heat in large spaces.

  • control panel includes backlit LCD display, premium remote, and occupancy sensor for hands-free operation and ultimate energy savings
  • 88” tall, 74” wide, 34” deep; unit weight of 370 lb; operating weight of 1,014 lb
  • 50-inch fan covers up to 6,500 square feet at up to 24,000 cfm
  • 64-gallon water reservoir lasts up to 10 hours
  • maximum noise level of 60 dB during operation
  • use in industrial and commercial settings such as: production facilities, warehouses, service bays, outdoor events and stadiums, outdoor restaurants, horticultural production centers, buildings for housing animals and livestock


Cool-Space® 400 helps to deliver vital cooling to keep your team comfortable while enabling them to work safely and efficiently.

  • Perfect for production facilities, warehouses, outdoor dining, gyms, and large public areas
  • Ample cooling media and variable-speed motor allow you to meet shifting cooling needs
  • 70” tall, 62” wide,  31” deep; unit weight of 220 lb and operating weight of 658 lbs.
  • 36-inch fan covers 3,600 square feet at up to 9,700 CFM
  • 46-gallon reservoir lasts up to 10 hours
  • Manual controls and maximum noise level of 61 dB during operation


Perfect for those areas that present cooling challenges and rapidly changing conditions, the versatile Cool-Space® 300 takes on heat with its large cooling media and ample water capacity.

  • 49” tall, 26” wide, 24” deep; unit weight of 100 lb and operating weight of 284 lbs.
  • 18-inch fan covers up to 1,200 square feet at up to 2,800 CFM
  • Great for workshops, garages, and studios
  • 16-gallon reservoir lasts up to 4 hours
  • Manual controls and maximum noise level of 63 dB during operation


Powerful cooling in a convenient, easy-to-move unit, the Cool-Space® 200 is ideal when maximum cooling is key but floor space is limited.

  • 32.8” tall, 23.5” wide; unit weight of 51 lbs. with an operating weight of 118 lbs.
  • Dual 10-inch fans cover up to 800 square feet at up to 1,800 CFM
  • Best suited for spot-cooling in warehouses, workshops, and workstations, and ideal for extending the usability of residential and commercial patios and outdoor public areas, along with potential camping and RV use
  • 8-gallon reservoir lasts up to 3 hours
  • Manual controls and maximum noise level of 75 dB during operation

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