Big Ass Fans Launches New Product Line of Air Disinfection Fans

Clean Air System that Kills Airborne Pathogens

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Big Ass Fans engineers have designed and launched new air-moving technology with UV-C and ozone-free needlepoint bipolar ionization that disinfects the air to create safer, healthier conditions in your business facility over wise coverage areas. These air disinfection overhead and directional fans have been tested and proven to kill 99.9% of the COVID-19 SARS-CoV-2 virus within 10 minutes, along with other airborne viruses, bacteria, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Enjoy a range of convenient controls, available automation, a custom solution for your space, factory-certified installation, and yearly maintenance services.

Indoor Ceiling Fans: Powerfoil® X3.0 & Powerfoil® D with Ion Technology

Big Ass Fans’ Powerfoil® ceiling fan models are equipped with ion technology that provides your people with cleaner air in any size space.

  • Diameter options from 8 to 24 feet
  • Needlepoint brush non-ozone producing ionization output
  • Indicator LED illuminates when ions are produced
  • Housing and bracket secured to winglet for maximum ion distribution
  • Powerfoil winglets eliminate wind noise
  • Intuitive touchscreen interface and password protection
  • Functional platform integrates lights, security cameras, speakers, or other devices
  • Multi-point safety systems
  • Color upgrades and customizations available
  • Fully sealed drive enclosure resists corrosion and reduced heat buildup for longer life
  • Variable speed control
  • Optional upgrade to include integrated SmartSense technology that automatically adjusts the fan speed based on seasonal conditions
  • Optional upgrade to include a 24-bit color LCD display with resistive touchscreen protected in sleek metal and ABS housing

Indoor Directional Fan: AirEye with Ion Technology

AirEye is Big Ass Fans’ most versatile and advanced directional fan that uses ion technology to deliver precise directional airflow to attack airborne pathogens directly where your people work and breathe.

  • Diameter options of 20, 24, and 30 inches
  • Needlepoint brush non-ozone producing ionization output
  • Yellow steel bracket and anti-rattle hardware seamlessly secure ionizer to fan cage
  • Indicator LED illuminates when ions are produced
  • Can include automation and multi-fan kit with AirEye occupancy sensor

Indoor Ceiling Fan: Haiku with UV-C Technology

Haiku is the world’s smartest, most efficient ceiling fan that now integrates a sophisticated UV-C fixture to deliver healthier, more comfortable conditions to your employees with style and innovation.

  • Diameter options of 52, 60, and 84 inches
  • Variety of automated controls and smart home integrations
  • Four stylish finish options

Wenger Electric is a Factory-Certified Installer of Big Ass Fans Products

As an official member of Big Ass Fan’s Certified Installer Program, we guarantee that our customers’ Big Ass Fans will be installed quickly, correctly, and safely according to the highest quality standards. As a factory-certified installer, Wenger Electric can also perform the following annual maintenance services to extend their warranty coverage:

  • Calibrate the ion generators in Powerfoil® ceiling fans.
  • Replace the diodes and UV-C LED board in Haiku UV-C ceiling fans.

Visit our Big Ass Fans services page to learn more about their other innovative airflow technologies and contact us today to get a free estimate on the installation of Big Ass fans in your facility.

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